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Being healthy goes beyond the call of duty

Refuel is the A.I. Comprehensive Human Performance App for Airmen, Guardians, and families featuring on-demand holistic health content. Its next-level technology provides actionable data across the Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social Fitness domains to build and maintain real-time readiness and resilience.

Disclaimer: All images are in prototype/beta and not meant to be interpreted as the final product.

Supported by:
Championed by:
Air Force Vice Chief of Staff
OSD Director, Total Force Fitness, Health & Incident Response
AETC/A9 Innovation Division
Air University, AUiX Innovation Division
CSAF Strategic Studies Group, Project Morpheus
HAF/A5A Human Capital Team
Tesseract AF
Air Force Chaplain Corps, Command Chaplain (AETC, AMC, AFGSC, AFRC, ACC)
Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)
USAF Pandemic Case Management System (PCMS), Project Brown Heron Air Force
Air Force Gaming / Space Force Gaming
42d ABW, Maxwell, AFB
480 ISRW, Langley, AFB
711th Human Performance Wing
319th RW, Grand Forks, AFB
user experience

Taking the guesswork out of self-work

Wake up to personalized content from across the holistic health spectrum. Refuel bridges the gap between consuming content and acting on it. Artificial intelligence connects interactive content pieces for a seamless experience.

Curated content
In-line activities
Guided audio experiences
Engaging video
Curated content

Visually rich content defines what growth looks and feels like in a mobile app

Refuel's curated content combines the most researched approaches to growth with an empowering user design that aims to drive impactful experiences refreshed daily.

Spiritual fitness
Emotional regulation
Tactical breathing
Mental flexibility
Stress management
Ethics & values
Navigating deployment
Marriage & family resources
Physical fitness & nutrition support

and so much more


Intelligently curated experiences for every user

Designed to be a companion in life, making long-term change frictionless.

Understands users in real-time
Makes metrics meaningful
Integrates with wearables
Vocal biomarkers sentiment
Encourages addressing gaps
Drives relevant content

Get the most out of every moment, every day

Refuel integrates directly with Apple HealthKit to track workouts and physical metrics. Vocal biomarker technology uses the voice for mental health fitness tracking, including depressive symptom changes.

Vocal biomarkers
Fitness tracking
Sleep analysis
safety & security

Personal data secured

All personal data is anonymized and encrypted in transit and at rest. Refuel will be hosted on the Envision Platform, ensuring the highest level of data protection available. HIPAA and TLS 1.3 compliant.

Private & secure
HIPAA & TLS 1.3 Compliant
Machine learning, including Natural Language Processing
Data analytics
Full Data Encryption in transit and at rest
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